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Crisis Comfort: Australian flower essence blend

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Energique's Crisis Comfort is a blend of Australian Bush flower essences that may have a calming effect on the mind, body and emotions, during minor or major crisis.  It will quickly ease fear, panic, severe mental or physical stress, nervous tension and discomfort.

Where Rescue 5 is more calming, this essence gives much deeper emotional help, during emergencies and severe situations.  Crisis Comfort can be administered every hour, or more often, if necessary, until the person feels better.

Crisis Comfort contains:

  • Fringed Violet: for those who don't feel quite right, since a shock or trauma.
  • Grey Spider Flower: for terror that comes on suddenly, as a reaction to something horrible.  It brings about calmness and courage.
  • Sundew: for those who lack focus and lack attention to details.
  • Waratah: for those with complete despair.  It brings about courage and the ability to cope.


Crisis Comfort comes in three strengths: 30c, 200c and a 30c-200c blend.


Ingredients (listed for the 30c strength; please adjust for other strengths): Fringed violet 30c, Grey spider flower 30c, Sundew 30c, Waratah 30c and distilled water.  20% ethanol.