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Licorice (root) -- Liquid herbal

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Energique's Licorice root is an liquid herbal preparation made from Glycyrrhiza glabra root and distilled water.  25% ethanol.

I've had adrenal problems for years, and Energique's Licorice is the single most helpful product I've tried in supporting the adrenals.

Questions have been raised, in the past, about the safety of licorice (there have been concerns about how it might affect blood pressure); but the only real study done on licorice that suggests this problem was very poorly done.  Instead of using the herb, this study relied on consuming large amounts of licorice candy.  Obviously, this is not the same as using a quality liquefied herbal preparation, as this.  I've had some blood pressure issues, as well, and Energique's Licorice has been helpful in bringing it back under control.

Energique's Licorice can be found in AdrenaCom, AllerCom, Black Gel, CohoshCom II, DandeCom, FennelCom, GingerCom, GotaCom, HepaCom, Herbal Energy, JuniCom II and LicroCom.


1 fl oz bottle.