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Stress Formula

Price: $15.85


Stress Formula is an anti-stress formula, made from the Amazon RainForest botanicals of;

  • Muira pauama stem, which supports the function of the nervous system,
  • Catuaba bark, which acts as a fortifier of the nervous system,
  • Carqueja leaf and stem, which ease digestion,
  • chamomilla flower, which promotes calm and serenity with increased mental awareness,
  • mulunga leaf and stem, which can be calming, and
  • Espinheira santa leaf and stem, which is supportive for ulcers.

Stress Formula helps to ease tension, combat emotional fatigue and help you to maintain your balance in high-stress situations.  It may also help in the prevention of headaches, nervousness and poor mood.


1 fl oz dropper bottle.