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Organic, raw tissue endocrine glandulars and organ supplements, vitamins & minerals, amino acids and herbals for powerful support of body systems

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The fine line of Atrium supplements, including herbals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and tissue supplements

Atrium, part of the Aspen Group, offers an exceptional line of dietary supplements, utilized by professional healthcare practitioners.  I was introduced to Atrium's glandulars by my chiropractor, who — quite literlly — snatched me from the jaws of death.  That's why I recommend these products so highly.

Included is this fine line of dietary supplements are:

I've been truly amazed at the impact these products can have on body systems.  Over the last 25+ years, they have been a key factor in enabling me to be functional, despite my severe disability.

Also available from the Aspen Group (under the Aspen label) are a number of products designed just for the special needs of women.

While I don't have anywhere near the full line of products represented on this website, if you have any interest in specific products, I would be more than happy to add in those products, for your convenience.




Product groups from Atrium:

Gold Label Products

Atrium's Gold Label product line includes a full spectrum of individual and special combinations of raw bovine tissue concentrates, processed by lyophilization (freeze drying) by sublimation (the removal of water content from frozen tissue), providing you with the most highly concentrated source of nutritional factors, in a stable and more complete form.  This ensures that, when you use these products, you are getting the maximum of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients found in the raw glandular tissues.

The following are a few of Atrium's Gold Label products:

Adrenal 80
Adrenal 160
Adrenal Chelate
Brain 360
Hypothalamus 50
Kidney 440
Lymph 160

Liver 440
Liver Forte

Orchic 220
Pancreas Chelate Plus
Pineal Plus

Pituitary, Whole
Pituitary, Anterior

Pituitary, Posterior
Prostate 140

Spleen 260
Thymus 150
Thyroid Tissue

Blue Label Products

Atrium's Blue Label product line includes mineral aspartates, orotates and special mineral formulas.  All are manufactured domestically to Atrium's specifications.  These aspartates and orotates are highly efficient mineral transport systems, and have better absorption rates than mineral salts or mineral amino acid chelates.

The following are a few of Atrium's Blue Label products:

Calcium Aspartate
Iron (Ferrous Aspartate)
Magnesium Aspartate
Manganese Aspartate
Calcium Orotate
Magnesium Orotate
Potassium Orotate
Zinc Orotate

Atri-Multi Mintrate
cal-acid complex
cal-acid maxi
K & Mg Aspartate

Brown Label Products

Atrium's Brown Label product line includes unique enzyme formulas, special adrenal tissue concentrates, special tissue blends, including synergistic factors, unique digestive aids and free form amino acid compounds, including synergistic factors.

This line encompasses the most comprehensive formulations available to professional health care practitioners.  The following are a few of Atrium's Brown Label products:

Adreno-Medulla Plus
Supra Renal 220
Atri-Disco / DiskPlex
Di-Acid Stim
Glan-Fem Plus
Glan-Male Plus

Other Atrium Product Lines:

This is a small website, and Atrium has a fairly large product selection.  Consequently, there are many more products avaiable from Atrium than I have listed here.  These include,

Although I may not have the product you are looking for listed on this website (stay tuned for updates), I can still get any of the Atrium or Aspen products you might want.  Just let me know, and I'll get it added to this website for (future) ease in ordering.

1    The Freeze Dried process parameters preserve a stable and more complete end product, containing a maximum of vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients found in raw glands.

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