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Reliable resources to make aromatherapy work for you

doTERRA Lavender bottles with beaker and lavender sprigs and stoneBesides having a reliable source for essential oils, reliable information about the oils is an integral part of any aromatherapy work.  Answers to questions like “How does aromatherapy work?” and “What’s the latest research on essential oils?”, properties of the oils, and so forth are very important.

However, the question of how aromatherapy works is too broad to deal with adequately on this website.  In addition, the FDA severely restricts the information that can be presented here.  And so, basic background information is about the best we can do here.  And, hopefully, the information here will be able to fill out over time.

Aromatherapy information you’ll find on this website

Articles posted on this website will answer some of your basic questions:

Essential Oil Basics:

Aromatherapy down through the ages:

A short history of aromatherapy.

Using essential oils safely and effectively:

Here, we’ll take a look at some basics on ways to use essential oils and some safety guidelines and which oils are considered safe for consumption (GRAS), as well as what a session with the oils would look like.

There is also an article on direct inhalation, a simple and effective way to enjoy the many benefits of an essential oil’s fragrance.

Setting the record straight about dōTERRA®

David Stirling breaks his silence, setting the record straight concerning allegations made against dōTERRA.

It should be noted, concerning charges leveled against dōTERRA® by Young Living, and which were pursued in a lawsuit initiated by Young Living, that the judge dismissed the suit, stating that the charges were without foundation.