The dōTERRA Story

How this wellness company came to be

Rolling lavender fields
The place where pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils begin.

In the spring of 2008, a group of healthcare and business professionals, who shared profound personal experiences with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils, came together with a common vision: To bring a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world.  They wanted something different, that would appeal to all people, from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered the experts in the field.

They asked themselves some defining questions:

  • “What if we could provide the world with a new and powerful wellness alternative?”
  • “What if we could provide this new level of wellness through a mainstream approach to essential oils?”
  • “What if we could source, test and manufacture a higher quality of essential oil: more pure and more potent than any other oil available on the market today?”
  • “What if we, in a most professional manner, could partner with major hospitals, doctors, scientists and opinion leaders, to provide the most compelling authentication of essential oils on the planet?”

They concluded that, with the hard work and commitment of others with a similar passion and vision, they could and would create a new paradigm for essential oils.  With that conviction, they organized a company and named it dōTERRA®, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.” 

dōTERRA‘s first offering of 25 single oils and 10 oil blends was introduced for sale on April 25, 2008, to the acclaim of essential oil experts and product enthusiasts, who immediately recognized the superior quality of dōTERRA‘s therapeutic-grade essential oils.

In addition to ongoing development of new essential oils and proprietary essential oil blends, dōTERRA‘s future product offerings will include nutrition, spa and healthy living products, based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy of nutrition, exercise, rest and stress management, reduction of toxic load, informed self-care and proactive healthcare.



dōTERRA’s marketing model

dōTERRA® products are sold exclusively through Wellness Advocates who, working from home, introduce, educate and sell dōTERRA® products locally, through person-to-person contact, and globally through personalized web shopping sites.


My personal story

Man playing Guild 12-string guitar
Me (Tom Anson), playing my Guild 12-string guitar, cir. 1978

In the spring of 2008, when I was first introduced to dōTERRA®, I had been involved with another essential oil company for about eleven years.  Using those oils had given me back my life, after more than 30 years of far less than optimal health.

However, over the three-to-four years prior to being contacted by a dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate, I had been noticing that the oils didn’t seem to be working for me as well as before; and I was thinking about the options I might find for oils that were more effective for me.

After trying some samples of dōTERRA‘s frankincense, lavender, lemon and peppermint oils, I knew that I had found my answer.  The oils were simply unbelievable.  It was like being introduced to aromatherapy all over again.

The day I tried out the oils, I enrolled with dōTERRA®.