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Homeopathics & liquefied herbals for high-quality, all-natural support of body systems

Energique logo and product groupEnergique® is a producer of natural wellness products, formulated to support your pursuit of a higher level of health and well-being.  They bring you a broad range of natural remedies — from carefully prepared liquefied herbals (tinctures) and top-of-the-line homeopathics to select nutritional supplements and essential oils — which are used daily by healthcare professionals, in their clinical practices.

Until now, Energique® products were available exclusively through integrative and natural health practitioners.  I was introduced to them by my chiropractor.  They have partnered with these practitioners, and worked to offer the quality products and support these health professionals needed to provide their patients the best health results.  I’m not sure how I was ever allowed to offer these products here, but I am proud to be able to do so.

Energique® provides 600+ products: herbal extracts (tinctures), homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements.  For more than 35 years, they have been one of the nation’s top suppliers of quality, natural remedies, formulated in-house, with roots from the heartland of Iowa.  Only a small sampling of these products are available on this website, as yet.  However, any product made by Energique® is available through Essential-Vitamins.com™.  I would be glad to add anything you need to this website.  Just call or email me, and I’ll work out the details with you.

Also, while the full scope of therapeutic uses of these products are beyond me, Energique® has professionally-trained Customer Service Representatives that can assist in better understanding these products, as well as an “Ask the Doctor” service on their website.  If you need to speak with someone about these products, if the problem is a simple one, I would be happy to gather the information for you and pass it along to you; if the issues are more complicated, I’d be glad to pass along your questions to those who can help you.

Exceptional homeopathic and liquefied herbal formulas.  Exceptional customer service.  Energique® brings you powerful support for your goal of optimal health.

More about Energique®:

Energique® is an employee-owned company, part of Grato Holdings™, a family of companies that manufacture and market over-the-counter remedies to customers, retail stores and professional healthcare providers.  They offer homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements and herbal tinctures.

Energique® was founded in 1987 by Dr. Jack Hinze, a pharmacist and naturopath.  In March of 2005, the company was purchased by Jesse Rettig and Kathy Simon, as part of the Grato Holdings™ family of brands, and has significantly expanded the technology and available products.  Their main processing and distribution facilities continued to remain in Woodbine, Iowa, among farms that inspire the company’s approach to well-being through natural healing.

In 2017, a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was opened in Gainesville, Georgia, to support their clients’ growing needs and product expansion.  Under the guidance of our Naturopathic Doctors, Energique® follows the protocols outlined in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, and utilizes a third-party inspection process for quality assurance, for all herbs and other base sources.  This dedication to effective processing and quality sourcing, along with personalized customer service and an extensive inventory, allows the roots of Energique® to continue reaching well into the future.

With roots growing from the heartland of Iowa for more than 35 years, Energique® is one of the nation’s top suppliers of quality, natural herbal remedies. As an industry innovator, Energique® products are formulated in-house, with quality ingredients and proven technology, utilizing a modernized Spagyric method of extraction for our products.  This method utilizes the whole plant in bringing out a holistic combination of each of an herb’s constituents, which improves its efficacy.

Exceptional homeopathic and liquefied herbal formulas.  Exceptional customer service.  Energique® brings you powerful support for your goal of optimal health.

Products from Energique®:

Stat (detoxifying) homeopathic remedies from Energique

Energique® Stats (Detoxifiers)

Among its many fine products, Energique® brings you a great line of homeopathic detoxifiers.  These remedies are formulated to stimulate your body’s elimination of a wide range of toxic substances.  I’ve used many of them with remarkable results, so I feel very comfortable in offering them to you.

Energique‘s homeopathic remedies have proven themselves to be powerful — yet often subtle — tools to help clear harmful substances from the system, allowing your body to function at a higher level.

See all of Energique’s Stat formulas >>

A few of the fine Energique® Stat products include:

Energique® Pars (Glandular/Organ Homeopathics)

Energique Pars remediesEnergique® glandular/organ homeopathics stimulate the body’s various endocrine glands and/or organs, to improve their functioning.

Drainage remedies are built in, for added support for the particular area being addressed.

See all of Energique’s Par formulas > >

The Energique® Par products include the following remedies.

Energique® Tonifiers (Tones)

Energique Tone remedies

Energique® homeopathic tonifiers are formulated to provide cleansing and purification of various body systems, in a more gentle fashion that does not cause the immediate release of cellular toxins.  They are most applicable in dealing with the seriously ill, or with those facing acute conditions.

Drainage remedies are included in these formulations, to assist the body in the expulsion of released toxins.

See all of Energique’s Tone formulas >>

Energique® Tones products include the following remedies.

Energique® High Potency (HP) Formulas

HP (High Potency) formulas from Energique

Energique® has created a High Potency (HP) series of 30x and higher potency combination formulations, designed to follow lower potency combinations.  They provide a deeper penetration of the body’s energy layers, and stimulate the detoxification system, helping to release deeper toxins and promote higher levels of healing.

See all of Energique’s HP formulas >>

Energique® High Potency Formula products include the following remedies.

Energique Phenolic formulas

Energique® Phenolics (Desensitizers)

Energique® phenolics are another great tool for achieving optimal health.  These isopathic phenolic remedies are formulated to assist the body in desensitizing itself to the various foods associated with the phenolic rings in each formulation, helping to reduce allergenic responses in some individuals.

See all of Energique’s Phenolic formulas >>

Energique® Phenolic products include the following remedies.

Energique homeopathic Cords remediesEnergique® Homeopathic Cords

The term “Homeopathic Cord” (or “Chord”, as some prefer to spell it) describes a homeopathically prepared remedy that consists of multiple potencies of the same single homeopathic. Some practitioners prefer this approach in the belief that the body draws upon or rotates through the various potencies on an as-needed basis. **

Energique® Liquefied Herbals (Coms)

Herbal Combinations (Coms) from Energique

Energique® Liquefied Herbals are derived from the highest quality botanicals available.  These raw materials are then processed at Energique‘s facility, using the Spagyric extraction process.  It is a slow, complex, multiphase extraction process; but, it yields botanical products of superior quality, extracting not only the tannins and essential oils in the botanicals, but also an abundance of mineral salts locked in their fibers.

See all the Energique Com formulas >>

Energique® liquefied herbal products include the following preparations.

Energique Antigen remediesEnergique® Antigens

Energique Antigens are a set of safe and effective oral antigen remedies, used for allergy desensitization. They include 18 unique antigen products (see here for details).

The ease of administration, sublingual drops — versus syringe injection — and lowered incidence of negative reactions, establishes these antigens as the remedy of choice for both doctors and patients, when addressing allergies.

Energique Digestive Enzymes and ProbioticsDigestive Aides, Enzymes and Probiotics

Energique offers a number of digestive enzyme formulas, for targeted results.

Energique Amino AcidsAmino Acids and Proteins

Energique offers a number of Amino Acids, for targeted results.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and other Oils

Energique offers a number of essential fatty acid formulas.

Glandular formulas

Energique offers a number of glandular formulas, for targeted results.

Herbal Blends

Energique offers a number of herbal blends, for targeted support.

Miscellaneous Homeopathic Formulas

Energique offers a number of miscellaneous homeopathic formulas, for targeted support.

Homeopathic Singles

Energique offers a number of homeopathic singles, for targeted support.

Cell Salts

Energique offers a number of cell salts, for targeted support.

Other products from Energique®

The products listed above in no way exhaust all the exceptional products offered by Energique®.  They have had over 1,400 products in their catalog, besides a full selection of homeopathic singles; however, in recent years, that number has been reduced quite a lot.  (The FDA has been working over-time to cripple the natural products industry.)

If you know of a product, but don’t see it here, contact me, and I’ll get it added to this website and send you a link.

Note: One category of products offered by Energique® is essential oils.  However, while Energique® makes many exceptional products, I cannot vouch for the therapeutic quality of their essential oils.  Essential oil production is a very skill-intensive art and, for the best oils, I would strongly recommend those from dōTERRA®.

That said, if you choose to go with essential oils from Energique®, I would be willing to make the neccessary arrangements for you to purchase them.  Better still, contact me about the oils and oil-enhanced products from dōTERRA®.  They are the world’s leader in aromatherapy products, offering the purest, most potent oils available anywhere.