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The sun shinging through a capsule: the energy of lifeFinding the right supplements for your own specific nutritional needs can make all the difference in the world.  Essential-Vitamins.com™ offers you a select group of products that bring you truly unique — and potentially life changing — results.  These fine products are produced to strengthen and support your body’s system for optimal health.

All of these products are 100% natural, organic products of the highest quality.  I have used many of them, and believe them to be among the finest products on the market today.



Essential-Vitamins.com™ brings you products from these fine companies:

Energique® is a provider of natural healthcare products, formulated to assist you in your striving toward a higher level of whole health and well-being.  They bring you a complete line of natural remedies — from carefully prepared liquefied herbal tinctures and top-of-the-line homeopathics to select nutritional supplements — which are used daily by healthcare professionals, in their practices.

Bio-Design specializes in supplying health care practitioners with products that provide the nutritional support their patients need.

Bio-Design‘s product line includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other digestive aides, targeted herbal formulas and glandular tissue concentrates.  Their time-tested, single and multi-ingredient synergistic blends are carefully formulated to support specific systemic needs, as well to support overall health and wellness.

doTERRA Essential Oils logo and oils

dōTERRA® has risen to be the most-trusted source for truly exceptional essential oils.  Independently tested — multiple times, in multiple ways — for purity and full chemical profile, dōTERRA® has emerged as the leader in the aromatherapy oil industry.

Since the introduction of therapeutic-grade essential oils, more and more individuals have found aromatherapy to be a vital addition to their health regimens.

dōTERRA® enables you to tap into the oils’ many health benefits, without toxic side-effects.  And, because essential oils are so easy to use, they provide you with a powerful, safe and effective means of supporting your health and wellness goals.

Liddell Laboratories logo with productLiddell Laboratories has redefined the concept of homeopathy with the development of Neohomeopathy®, an oral spray delivery method for their liquid homeopathy products.

Neohomeopathy® provides four key therapeutic benefits: immune system support, rapid symptom relief, detoxification and metabolic balance.

Peaceful Mountain logo with productsPeaceful Mountain® offers unmatched herbal products and homeopathic remedies that are gentle and effective, crafted with powerful natural ingredients, to work in harmony with your body for overall health and well-being. They offer a line of gels, lotions and sprays, formulated to help bring your life back into balance.  With products for your skin, musculoskeletal system and immunity, you will enjoy the many benefits of these all natural products.

Forza Vital logo with productsEnergique® has recently partnered with Forza Vitale®, in an exclusive agreement, to bring you their comprehensive line of nutritional and herbal supplements.  Like Energique®, Forza Vitale® uses the spagyric method to manufacture herbals, which is a superior means of extraction, and like Energique®, Forza Vitale® is committed to producing quality products that help to provide you with positive outcomes.

BioResponse logo with products

BioResponse® Nutrients offers the only DIM Complex with guaranteed, patented absorption.  DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a powerful component found in cruciferous vegetables, that balances estrogen metabolism, for both men and women, helping to regulate estrogen hormone metabolism, which can be beneficial for breast and prostate health.

Patented BioResponse® DIM is the original and only microencapsulated formulation of DIM, making it the only DIM with proven absorption.  Their patented technology is currently the only nutrient delivery method that assures predictable and adequate absorption with extended release Diindolylmethane (DIM).

See the BioResponse® Nutrients line of products. »

Garden of Life® brings to you a set of innovative whole food supplements, to support your optimal health.  They constitute a unique approach to nutritional supplementation, as well as patented methods of processing and encapsulation.

ecoNugenics® produces the most innovative, research-based, professional-quality nutraceuticals on the market today. 

In addition to Modified Citrus Pectin supplements, ecoNugenics® offers truly amazing therapeutic mushroom-based formulas and other herbals, to support different aspects of wellness.  They also have multi-nutrient complexes, designed specifically for men, women and older women, to promote comprehensive wellness and metabolic and hormone balance.*  These are the best multi-vitamin/mineral supplement I’ve ever seen.