How to Use Homeopathics and Liquid Herbals

A bit of instruction on how to use homeopathics and liquified herbal tinctures

First of all, you need to understand that I’m not a doctor or otherwise licensed healthcare provider; I am a merchant.  It would always be a good idea to work with a professional provider, who can give you reliable guidance on both what you need and how to use it.

With that said, as a merchant who is fairly familiar with the products I offer, I’m not entirely unqualified to make some suggestions.

Energique® homeopathics

When using Energique® homeopathics, you should first “wake up” the remedy with succession: rapping the bottom of the bottle firmly against the heel of the hand 10-15 times.  This will make even an old bottle like new.  After this succession, take 10 drops (about 1/3 of a dropper) under the tongue, in a clean mouth, three times a day.

  • By a “clean mouth”, I mean that it should be at least 30 minutes before eating, drinking anything other than purified water or brushing your teeth; or about an hour and a half after any of these things.
  • If your day will handle the scheduling, I’d recommend rinsing your mouth when you get up, then taking your first dose before breakfast, then again before lunch and again either before supper or an hour and a half after supper or before bed.  Of course, you could, just as easily, take a dose mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before bed.
  • The remedies should be held under the tongue for “as long as possible”, to give them a good opportunity to be absorbed before swallowing.  Generally this would be about a minute.

Homeopathics should not be mixed with water or juice. 

The recommended dosage is based on a 150 pound adult, so you can adjust the dosage accordingly.  You should bear in mind, however, that with homeopathics, it’s not how much you take, but how often.  The guidance of 10 drops, three times per day is more of a convenience than best practice.  It’s an accommodation of our complicated and busy lives.  It would be better to take one drop, 30 times per day.

If you are taking multiple remedies, they can be (sort of) taken together; you should leave 3-5 minutes — at a minimum — between them.

With most issues for which you would take a homeopathic, you may see results as early as your first dose (that is often the case for me).  However, you should generally be thinking in terms of 3-5 months to fully resolve the issue.  When using Stats and HPs, I’d recommend starting with the Stat and using it for about three months, then switching over to the HPs for another two months.

Liquefied herbals (herbal tinctures)

For an herbal, the recommended dosage is generally about 10-30 drops, 2-3 times per day.  You will need to pay attention to how you feel, and watch for any signs of overload.  Before taking an herbal tincture, you should shake the bottle well, to make sure that you don’t have solid particles in the bottle (although a few won’t hurt anything).  The herbal should be put into a small amount of water (an ounce or two), then swished around the mouth a bit before swallowing, to “tag” the herbal for better assimilation.  Herbal tinctures can be taken with meals; but I find that they seem to have more punch if taken on an empty stomach, without a lot of competition.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any further questions.