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Unique dietary supplement formulas for natural health, wellness and longevity

Essential Vitamins ™ is dedicated to enhancing your diet. A growing body of research is demonstrating the importance of enhancing your diet with vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements. These products are designed to support your overall health and wellness.  Even leading medical journals have caught on to their importance.  Studies have shown that supporting your diet with quality supplements can help you maintain optimal health and, among other things:

  • Support healthy cell development,
  • Support healthy cellular energy, function and metabolism,
  • Provide antioxidant protection against free-radical damage,
  • Support mental clarity and brain function,
  • Help with feelings of stress,
  • Support overall digestive health,
  • Boost your immune function and help regulate your body’s immune response,
  • Promote longevity and general vitality well into later life, and
  • Dramatically reduce healthcare costs, especially among the elderly.
Everyone’s health is different, so Essential Vitamins ™ offers a variety of products to fit your individual health goals and needs. 

Essential Vitamins ™ Offers More than just vitamins and minerals

But, vitamins and minerals are only a small part of the supplement story.  Enzymes and probiotics, along with many other nutrients, also play vital roles in nutritional support, healthy immune function and your body’s natural renewal system.

However, not all nutritional supplements are alike.  While natural supplements are far superior to synthetic ones, even among so-called “natural” supplements, the quality and bio-availability between brands varies widely.  Some actually do more harm than good.

Because quality counts, Essential Vitamins offers you only a select few brands.  I have personally found many of these products to be very helpful in my own quest for optimal health.  Because everyone is different, however, I can’t make any guarantees that these products will work for you; but they have proven themselves in my life.

Bio-Design logo and featured product

Bio-Design® is a family-owned and operated nutritional supplement company.  Founded in 1979, they offered the Atrium® line of products. Under private labeling, Bio-Design® specializes in supplying health care practitioners with products that provided the nutritional support their patients needed.  When Atrium® closed its doors in 2014, Bio-Design® stepped up to fill those shoes, emerging as a valued source of premium dietary supplements.

Bio-Design’s product line includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, targeted herbal formulas, and glandular tissue concentrates. Their time-tested, single, and multi-ingredient synergistic formulas are designed to support specific systemic needs, as well as overall health and wellness.

Bio-Design‘s mission is to provide you with life-enhancing dietary supplements that offer results you can feel.

See the Bio-Design® line of products »

Over the years, I have found a number of things that have been supportive of my health. Essential oils provided me the missing link, redefining for me the meaning of health. It is this merchant’s opinion that, no matter what your health status might be, if you want to experience optimal wellness, you really need to be using the essential oils.

And, for me, the very best in essential oils and oil-enhanced products are found at dōTERRA®.

Aromatherapy goes mainstream

Over the past 20 years or so, more and more individuals have found aromatherapy to be a vital addition to their health regimens. Essential oils have proven themselves to be an important tool for wellness and, as such, are making their way out of spas and into hospitals and clinics.

During a recent hospital stay, I was amazed at the number of nurses and therapists who were acquainted with the oils, in general, and dōTERRA®, specifically.

dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate. Member ID: 1135 dōTERRA® is the registered trademark of dōTERRA Holdings, LLC.

Liddell® Laboratories:

Liddell Labs logo and Vital Age Defiance

Liddell® Laboratories offers a number of advanced homeopathic remedies, offering reliable support for everything from jet lag to electromagnetic radiation.  With both oral sprays and topical sprays and gels, you can find effective support for all your health and wellness goals.

See the Liddell® Laboratories line of products >>

Peaceful Mountain®:

Peaceful Mountain logo with products
Peaceful Mountain® offers a line of gels, lotions and sprays, formulated to help bring your life back into balance.  With products for your skin, musculoskeletal system and immunity, you will enjoy the many benefits of these all natural products.

See the Peaceful Mountain line of products >>

Garden of Life®:

Garden of Life products

Garden of Life® has become one of the leading brands in the natural foods and dietary supplements industry. Garden of Life® offers a truly exceptional line of products.  Primal Defense® is something of their flagship product, but it’s only one of several high-quality products from Garden of Life®.  Together, they will change your paradigm of what nutritional supplements are meant to be.

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What customers are saying about Essential Vitamins ™

Note: This is a new feature to this website, so, while I’ve had a number of similar emails from customers over the years, this is the only one I have to share right now.


I have ordered vitamins and supplements from various websites throughout the years, but none of them compare with yours.  I appreciate your informative website and very reasonable prices.  But, what really impressed me was opening my email to find, not only was my order processed so promptly, but that notification was accompanied by an email offering assistance, if I had question or concerns.

Your customer service is second to none, and you have just guarenteed not only a return customer, but one that will refer friends and family.

Kind regards,