About dōTERRA®

Who we are and what we stand for

Born of a passion for essential oils and natural wellness options, dōTERRA® is strongly committed to the highest standards, both ethically and scientifically, to ensure that you have access to the very finest essential oils and oil blends, dietary supplements and other wellness products.

I was one of the early enrollees with dōTERRA®, and had the great opportunity to speak, at some length, with all the top people at the company.  I was really amazed at the kindness and graciousness — and helpfulness — of everyone I’ve dealt with at dōTERRA®.  It really is like no other company I’ve worked with before.

dōTERRA® Mission Statement

We at dōTERRA® are committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products with the world.  We will do this by:

  • Discovering and developing the world’s highest-quality therapeutic-grade essential oil products, through a leveraged network of highly-educated and experienced botanists, chemists, health scientists and health care professionals.
  • Producing our essential oil products to the highest standard of quality, purity and safety used in the industry: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG®).
  • Distributing our products through Wellness Advocates (W.A.s) who, working from home, introduce, educate and sell dōTERRA® wellness products locally, through person-to-person contact, and globally, through personalized web shopping sites.
  • Providing educational opportunities for all people interested in learning how therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used as a self-care health and wellness option.
  • Bringing together health care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine, to encourage further study and application of therapeutic-grade essential oils in modern health care practices.

dōTERRA® Company Values

We at dōTERRA® will conduct our business in such a way as to be a positive influence for good with each person, customer, consultant, employee, vendor and partner with whom we come into contact.  We will do this by:

  • Conducting our business with absolute honesty and integrity.
  • Treating all people with whom we come into contact with kindness and respect.
  • Conducting our interactions with others in a spirit of service and caring.
  • Working hard, and managing the use of company resources wisely.
  • Fostering an uplifting work environment by smiling, laughing and having fun.
  • Being grateful for success and giving recognition to others.
  • Being generous with those less fortunate in our community and around the world.
Two men shaking hands on stairway
A handshake and a promise: Conducting business with absolute honesty and integrity.

dōTERRA’s Management Team

dōTERRA‘s founding Executive Leadership Team includes seasoned business, marketing and healthcare professionals, of uncommon professional experience and reputation for integrity and performance, in the direct selling industry.  Each is committed to dōTERRA‘s mission of sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world, while creating a generous and uplifting culture for dōTERRA® employees and Wellness Advocates (W.A.s).

Quick to turn attention from themselves, and recognize the invaluable contribution of family, friends, employees, consultants and business partners in their successes, they find their greatest satisfaction in lives made better through their associations.

Official portrait of doTERRA's management team
dōTERRA's management team: (from left to right) Rob Young, Greg Cook, David Stirling, Dr David Hill and Emily Wright.

David Stirling

Dave has extensive experience and education in business management, with BS and Master Degrees in business.  He most recently chaired the executive management team for a large essential oils company, taking the company to a solid position of profitability, while doubling revenues, in just over three years.

Dave also has a solid background in technology, overseeing IT development and engineering efforts for a billion-dollar consumer products company.

Dave’s strength is in his ability to see what can be, while inspiring the same vision in others.  He will tell you this is only accomplished through loyal and trusted friends, who are highly skilled and competent in their areas of expertise.

Read David Stirling’s response to allegations made against dōTERRA.

Dr David Hill from doTERRA

Dr. David Hill, D.C.
Chief Medical Advisor
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Hill is well known throughout the industry as a premier expert on wellness and essential oils.  As a licensed practitioner of Chiropractic Medicine and the former administrator of a large health clinic, Dr. Hill managed a staff of over forty professionals for several years, treating hundreds of patients in the process.

For the past several years, he and his team have developed educational seminars, used by tens of thousands of people seeking to learn about essential oils and personal wellness.  Dr. Hill has also authored and published a number of very successful books, brochures and pamphlets.  His latest book to be released was Nature’s Living Energy, which sold out its first printing in less than a week.

Dr. Hill’s ability to communicate effectively with other medical professionals quickly wins their respect and trust.  He also has an innate ability to communicate with the mainstream public regarding health issues, providing solutions in a language they can understand.  His sincere interest in each individual makes him an immediate favorite with all who know him.

Emily Wright from doTERRA

Emily Wright
Vice President, Leadership Development

Emily has spent the last decade managing the many facets of a large multi-national essential oils direct-selling business, the last four years as a member of the company’s Executive Management team.  She is passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of essential oils with the world, and desires to create a welcoming atmosphere for many to call home.

Her hands-on experience and understanding of global sourcing of oils and quality assurance practices has allowed dōTERRA® the ability to offer nature’s purest essences, sourced from the most pristine regions around the globe.  Emily also has vast experience in all facets of sales consultant success and leadership.  She is best known for her positive outlook, bright smile and make-it-happen attitude.

Rob Young from doTERRA

Robert J. Young
Vice President, Marketing

Rob has over 20 years experience in the direct-selling industry, in product marketing and corporate communications, serving in senior executive management positions and on strategic steering committees for some of the largest direct-selling companies in the world.  Corporate and packaging identities that Rob has developed are familiar to millions of customers, while products he has marketed have accounted for billions of dollars in global sales. 

Anyone associated with the direct-selling industry over the past two decades is likely to know Rob, or be familiar with his work.  His product expertise includes skin care, personal care and household consumer products, but his greatest personal passion is for developing and marketing nutritional wellness products and programs.

Greg Cook from doTERRA

Gregory Cook
Vice President, Operations & International

Greg has spent that last 15 years overseeing international development for one of the largest companies in the industry.  He has participated in and led market expansion into more than 40 international markets, in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South Asia and South America.   Greg has also served as the Founding General Manager of one of the most successful Asian markets, and later as Regional Director for all of Latin America.

He is known as one who will find a way when others say it cannot be done.  Greg is well-schooled in all aspects of the business, and maintains an exhaustive network of key and trusted contacts throughout the world.  He is a catalyst for finding and managing key opportunities for the company.

Mark Wolfert from doTERRA

Mark Wolfert
Corporate Vice President, General Counsel

dōTERRA® is thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Wolfert to our Executive Management Team.  Mark comes to dōTERRA® with more than 25 years’ experience as an attorney, in private practice and as in-house legal counsel to a global billion dollar direct sales company, where he was a corporate officer and member of its executive management team.  Mark supervised regional management teams and had responsibilities for operations in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Europe, while supporting thousands of independent distributors in those geographies.  He choreographed the development and opening of many new markets throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America.  He has provided his expertise and consulting services to other direct selling companies in the industry, and is highly respected.

Prior to working as a corporate attorney, Mark was a Judge pro tem in Salt Lake City for five years.  Mr. Wolfert graduated from the University of Utah, and received his Juris Doctor from Brigham Young University.  He is a member of the Utah State Bar, United States District and Tax courts and the International Bar Association.

We are delighted to have Mark as a committed partner in our mission to bring the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils to the world.  Welcome Mark!

dōTERRA’s Scientific Advisory Board

The dōTERRA® Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of distinguished experts on essential oils and human longevity and wellness, who provide technical consultation during the research, development and application of dōTERRA® essential wellness products and programs.

SAB members serve by corporate invitation, and represent a variety of professional disciplines and expertise.  The current chairman of SAB is David K. Hill, DC, Chief Medical Officer of dōTERRA®.

Dr David Hill from doTERRA

David Hill, DC
Chief Medical Advisor
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

David Hill is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and the Chief Medical Advisor to dōTERRA®.  He earned his DC degree from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.  He is the former administrator of a clinic of natural medicine, leading a staff of medical doctors, chiropractors, nurses, therapists and administrative staff.  He remains actively involved in research affiliations with hospitals, universities and other healthcare organizations.

Dr. Hill is a pioneering expert and dynamic leader in the field of integrative medicine.  He is an internationally-recognized lecturer on wellness, with emphasis on the uses and application of essential oils.  He also is an accomplished author and wellness trainer.  As Chief Medical Advisor to dōTERRA®, Dr. Hill plays an instrumental role in the development of dōTERRA‘s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils and other wellness products.

Nicole Stevens, MSc
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Nicole Stevens earned her MSc degree in Integrative Biology from Brigham Young University in 2002.  Her thesis work involved screening essential oils against various cancer cell lines, to identify possible anti-cancer components.  Nicole worked as a research technician at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for three years, where she investigated the use of essential oils as photosensitizing agents in photodynamic therapy.  This method involves using wavelengths of light to kill specific cancer cells.  From 2005 until recently, Nicole taught chemistry at Brigham Young University, Idaho.

Mark Pedersen of doTERRA

Dr. Mark Pedersen, ND
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Dr. Mark Pedersen is a Naturopath and Biochemist.  He has received academic degrees in Geology (BS) and Chemistry (BS) from Brigham Young University, and Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) from the Trinity University, Warsaw, Indiana.  He has worked as a formulator of nutritional supplements for over 20 years.

In 2000, Mark became Vice President of Research and Development of a major nutritional laboratory, where he is responsible for engineering the formulation of a variety of solid dosage forms, in a contract manufacturing environment.

Mark is a strong voice for the dietary supplement industry.  He lobbies actively for the cause of alternative and complementary medicine, and to educate the public on the benefits that supplements provide.