Why Homeopathic Detoxifying (Stat) Formulas Are So Important

Detoxifying formulas to stimulate the elimination of toxic substances

Stat (detoxifying) homeopathic remedies from Energique
Selection of Stat formulas from Energique

It’s sad — but true — that we live in a toxic world.   These toxins can wreak havoc on your body’s ability to function as it should. Considering all this, your body is likely in need of some added support.

Fortunately, homeopathic remedies have proven themselves to be powerful — yet often subtle — tools to help clear these harmful substances from the system, allowing your body to function at a higher level.

Homeopathic remedies for dealing with a toxic world

Among its many fine products, Energique® brings you a great line of homeopathic detoxifiers.  These remedies are formulated to stimulate your body’s elimination of a wide range of toxic substances.  I’ve used many of them with remarkable results, so I feel very comfortable in offering them to you.

Stresses of toxicities in our modern world

In the toxic world in which we live, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat all present significant challenges to our body’s systems.  As a result, the organs of elimination, in many people, have become overwhelmed with the constant challenge of eliminating the toxins they are knowingly — or unknowingly — forced to deal with on a daily basis.

However, the problem is bigger than just chemical toxicities.  As pollutants overwhelm the body’s detoxification system, the immune system is negatively impacted.  All too often, this leads to chronic or serious illness.

Energique’s answer to a toxic world

Energique® has formulated a line of Stat products to help you live a healthier life, despite the challenges of our toxic world.  These homeopathic remedies approach the problems of toxicities in two distinct ways:

  1. By In targeting specific types of toxins, and
  2. With detoxifiers that target specific organs or body systems.

Easy does it with detoxification

If you are seriously ill and choose to pursue a detoxification program, you should be cautious and patient.  Attempting to reach your goals too quickly can lead to significant problems; but, allowing time for the body to restore its balance should alleviate potential discomfort and reduce the potential for the re-lodging of toxins (that is: clearing toxins more quickly than they can be eliminated, and so, reabsorbing them into your system).

Note: To assist the body in its effort to expel toxins released at the cellular level, each Energique® Homeopathic Detoxifier has its own built-in drainage remedies.

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Note: If you are especially toxic or sick when starting your detoxification program, targeting specific organs or body systems for detoxification may be more appropriate.


Because, if a dysfunctional organ of elimination, such as a toxic liver, is called upon to expel even more toxins than normal, it will typically fall short, causing the released toxins to go back into the system, where they can re-lodged in another area of the body, where they may be even more damaging than if they had been left in their original location.