Liddell® Laboratories

Liddell® Laboratories brings to you an innovation in homeopathy. With traditional homeopathy, searching to find the right remedy — in the correct potency — can be confusing.  Liddell® has taken the guesswork out, and reimagined homeopathy with the innovation of NeoHomeopathy®.

NeoHomeopathy® makes using homeopathic products easy for anyone!  Every Liddell® product contains a spectrum of targeted ingredients, plus ingredients that provide four key therapeutic benefits that support underlying issues:

  • Immune system support,
  • Rapid symptom relief,
  • Detoxification,
  • Metabolic balance.

Liddell’s goal as an employee-owned company has always been to empower you with healthy alternatives to over-the-counter drugs. Through their natural homeopathic remedies, they provide you with a holistic, healthy choice to help better control your overall well-being.

Liddell® Laboratories was established in 1994 and has had a stable, long-standing reputation for making effective homeopathic remedies accessible and easy to use.

All Liddell® Laboratories homeopathic formulas are manufactured in their employee-owned, FDA-registered GMP-compliant facilities, under the Grato Holdings™ umbrella.

Liddell® Laboratories has a caring passion for the value of human life that has motivated them to become an agent of change. Their aim has always been to empower you with the knowledge necessary to better control your own health, and to provide important therapy options that help you avoid the toxic effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Liddell® Laboratories strives to make a difference in people’s health and well-being every day.

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