Essential Oil Blends from dōTERRA®

The synergistic combination of essential oils’ chemical constituents to support health and wellness

Essential oil blends from doTERRA

In aromatherapy, although the fragrance of an oil blend is important, in the final analysis, it’s the chemistry that makes aromatherapy truly beneficial.  And, in order to achieve the greatest results from aromatherapy, it’s important to use a combination of oils.

But, choosing the right oils for specific uses can sometimes be daunting.

To answer this need, the scientists at dōTERRA® have formulated a number of aromatherapy blends that integrate the complexity of the individual oils’ properties to create synergistically dynamic blends of certified pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, so that even a novice can experience the amazing potential of aromatherapy.  These oil blends have been carefully crafted to provide you with unmatched support for your overall wellness needs.

This line of aromatherapy blends is of the very highest quality and effectiveness.  By choosing one or more of these blends, you can easily enter into the experience of aromatherapy for yourself.

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