Homeopathic Pars (Glandulars/Organs) from Energique®

Energique Pars remediesEffective homeopathic stimulation for improved glandular and organ function

Energique® Glandular/Organ Homeopathics stimulate the body’s various endocrine glands and/or organs, to improve their functioning.  Drainage remedies are built in, for added support for the particular area being addressed.

I was introduced to these products in 1982, and they were an integral part of rescuing me from the verge of death (quite literally), and starting me on the path toward overcoming 30 years of severe disability, to the point of being able to start my own business.  I’ve continued to use them to this day, and am always impressed at how effectively they support the proper functioning of my glands and organs.

I would not want to be without them.

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