Energique® Products

Homeopathics & liquefied herbals and more, for high-quality, all-natural support of body systems

Energique products logo and sample productEnergique® is a provider of natural healthcare products, formulated to assist you in your striving toward a higher level of whole health and well-being.  They bring you a complete line of natural remedies — from carefully prepared liquefied herbals and top-of-the-line homeopathics to select nutritional supplements and essential oils — which are used daily by healthcare professionals, in their practices clinics.

Energique® offers over 600 products.  Only a small sampling of them are available on this website, at this time.  However, any product made by Energique® is available through Essential-Vitamins.com by special arrangement.  Just call or email me, and I’ll work out the details with you.

Also, Energique® has professionally-trained Customer Service Representatives that can assist you in better understanding these products.  However, that knowledge does not necessarily translate to me.  If you need to speak with someone specially trained in these products, if the problem is a simple one, I would be happy to gather the information for you and pass it along to you; if the issues are more complicated, I’d be glad to put you in touch with those who can help you.

Exceptional homeopathic and liquefied herbal formulas.  Exceptional customer service.  Energique® brings you powerful support for your goal of optimal health.

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