Rainforest Botanical Combinations

According to the Rainforest Alliance (www.rainforest-alliance.org) and other organizations working to conserve the precious resources of rainforests worldwide, the current rate of deforestation in the Amazon results in the loss of hundreds of species of plants every year – extinct forever. Furthermore, rainforest experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years, as commercial and governmental interests continue to log the region because of the significant value of its timber.

Through the centuries, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon have relied on the rainforests for all their needs. Through fishing, hunting wild game, and gathering fruits and nuts and edible plants, the inhabitants mastered their environment. Their knowledge of medicinal plants comes from centuries of hands-on experience. By studying animal behavior, and through trial and error, these people found effective natural remedies for a variety of their ailments. The knowledge of this flora and, in some cases, the closely-guarded secrets of the use of special plants, are now being unveiled as the demand and interest in natural healing increases.

There are many advances, discoveries, and re-discoveries taking place on all fronts of the health care sciences, including herbs and nutrition. One of the most exciting arenas is the quest for botanicals from the rainforests of the Amazon. The herbs and formulas presented in this section of our catalog are the result of research in the traditional uses of plants of the indigenous peoples of South America, combined with experimental research and the onsite experience in South America of Amazon Rainforest experts.

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