The Ongoing Fight for Homeopathy in America

From Energique®, September 17, 2021

Many of you may not be aware that the attack on homeopathy continues to be alive and well, and is showing no sign of slowing.  The previous one- or two-day barrage of emails and outcry over FDA activity (hearings, draft guidance, amended draft guidance) rapidly retreated to the background as day-to-day life returned to normal.  However, you need to understand that this is part of the strategy, as unbeknownst to the majority of the people who so deeply care for homeopathy and the freedom to choose it, the FDA continues to intensify pressure on the manufacturers. This pressure is not without point and purpose, and should more manufacturers fail to pass the scrutiny, the FDA will stand successful without ever targeting the overwhelming majority of the readers of this post.

I share with you today that, after 15 months of the pandemic, during which the FDA was unable to inspect any facilities, since the lifting of the inspection ban on July 1st, they have now visited four homeopathic manufacturers that we have direct knowledge of, which is only 18 months since the prior visit.

This is truly difficult to comprehend, when it is taken into consideration that no data has shown that properly manufactured and labeled homeopathics have caused adverse events, and there are many other clear and present threats that are far more likely to impact humanity adversely in need of attention.  The purported risk-based system the FDA utilizes appears to be a second part of the strategy, as it lacks any oversight from the facts.

The final piece of the FDA’s strategy is the most impactful, and thus far, the most significant … the division of action and lack of support amongst the very proponents of our industry in the face of the threat.  Many have chosen to wait and see or hope that the few who are on the front lines are successful. I am fairly certain that these actions will only assist the FDA in their quest.

I ask that you share this widely, and consider the following as an option to help:

Over the last four years, the Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) organization has gone from a concept to the most prevalent organization defending the Homeopathic industry.  In the face of ever-changing FDA direction, they have been steadfast in their resolve to be a force in opposition to the capricious nature of these changes, and have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Homeopathic Industry everywhere.  As a consumer group, they have gained access to the highest levels of the FDA and, on two separate occasions, have coordinated meetings for constituents with the overwhelming majority of the members of Congress.  The AFHC continues charting the course for the future of Homeopathy in America and would like to share their most recent successes with you, to illustrate not only the importance of their efforts, but to encourage and solicit increased involvement.  Below, you will find the bicameral/bipartisan congressional letter submitted to the FDA, just weeks ago, as well as a few documents that illustrate the history of FDA activity concerning Homeopathy.

All of these incredible accomplishments and submissions over the past four years have been made possible through your donations and commitments. However, in these challenging and uncertain times, as the AFHC continues to work on behalf of everyone who values homeopathy, they are asking for your help, to enable them to keep the effort alive.  I understand that this fight has been quite lengthy and we all are growing weary … but, this is, nevertheless, not the time to relent.

Thank you for your help … please contact AFHC and share your support.

Americans for Homeopathy Choice Information

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Learn More About AFHC


FDA Consumer 1988 – Homeopathy Article rev

  • The FDA Consumer was a magazine FDA used to publish which summarized their policies and legal interpretation on various given issues. This is an excerpt from their article on homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy Talk Paper 15 Sept 1988 rev

  • This is an FDA Talk paper which the FDA prepared to discuss the legal standing of homeopathic medicines.

9.3 Letter to the FDA regarding Homeopathic Guidelines rev

  • Letter Congress sent the FDA

AFHC Grassroots Overview rev

  • Overview of our Grassroots advocacy work (both Homeopathy on the Hill and Homeopathy Action Team combined)
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