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If you’re like most people, one of the things you cherish most in life is your health. You just want to feel good. It sets the stage for everything else, opening up possibilities in life and enhancing the enjoyment of whatever you do. And the one thing I have found that has made the most profound difference in my life has been the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Over the years, I have found a number of things that have been supportive of my health; but essential oils provided me the missing link, redefining for me the meaning of health. It is this merchant’s opinion that, no matter what your health status might be, if you want to experience optimal wellness, you really need to be using the essential oils.

One exciting aspect of using quality oils, for the support of health and wellness, is the fact that they are 100% natural, working with your body’s own unique chemistry. This means that you can tap into their health benefits without toxic side-effects. And, because essential oils are so easy to use, they provide you with a powerful, safe and effective means of supporting your health and wellness goals.

And, for me, the very best in essential oils and oil-enhanced products are found at dōTERRA®.

Aromatherapy goes mainstream

Over the past 30 years or so — especially since the introduction of therapeutic-grade essential oils — more and more individuals have found aromatherapy to be a vital addition to their health regimens.  Essential oils have proven themselves to be an important tool for wellness and, as such, are making their way out of spas and into hospitals and clinics.

During a recent hospital stay, I was amazed at the number of nurses and therapists who were acquainted with the oils, in general, and dōTERRA®, specifically.  Even a couple of doctors spoke well of the oils.

So, if you’re searching for a way to naturally support your health and wellness goals, dōTERRA® offers you proven benefits, with the highest quality essential oil singles, oil blends, base oil, diffusers and cutting edge nutritional supplements found anywhere.

dōTERRA® also offers you specialty products for powerfully effective, natural ways to support the different systems and normal functions of your body.  And dōTERRA® has a truly wonderful line of skin care products, dōTERRA® Essential Skin Care, to cleanse and purify your skin, helping to sustain a smoother, more radiant and youthful appearance.

So, enjoy the oils and other products from dōTERRA®, and experience the many benefits of an all-natural path to your health and wellness goals — naturally.

Feel free to search the site and — please — contact me, Tom Anson, if you have any questions.

As this website develops . . .

dōTERRA® has a very large – and growing – product line and this is a one-man operation … with a little help from a friend …

Whatever you can’t find here, you can purchase from dōTERRA’s Corporate website.   On that website, besides the full product line and links to some very good resources, you can also purchase product at great discounts, with the option of enrolling, as either a Wellness Advocate, like me, or as a wholesale customer (details on that website). You can also set up an autoship order (a.k.a. Loyalty Rewards Program order) and earn points toward free product, increasing to 30% after one year. And with dōTERRA®, you’re never locked in to a product you don’t want. You can change your order every month, to suit your needs.

Either way, I believe you will love your experience with dōTERRA® and the oils.


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