Homeopathic HP (High Potency) Formulas from Energique®

For deeper penetration for higher levels of wellness

Sometimes, after the use of lower potencies of homeopathic formulas, you may not have achieved the level of wellness you expected.  The remedies you’d been using brought you along the path to health, but they have ceased to be effective in promoting optimal wellness and detoxification.  What are you to do?

Energique® has created a High Potency (HP) series of 30x and higher potency combination formulations, designed to follow lower potency combinations.  They provide a deeper penetration of the body’s energy layers, and stimulate the detoxification system, helping to release deeper toxins and promote higher levels of healing.

Energique’s HP Formulas should be used after the lower potencies have ceased to promote a healing reaction, or when the lower potencies no longer “test”.  They should also be considered for initial use — in place of lower potencies — when addressing chronic conditions.

A note about using HP formulas: Lymphatic drainage

Adequate drainage of the area of the body being targeted is a must when using HP Formulas.  A possible exception to this would be in those situations where an HP Formula is being used after the use of a lower potency 12x combination, that may have provided sufficient drainage of the targeted area.  This includes Energique’s  “par”, “tone”, and “stat” homeopathics, which have herbal drainage constituencies as part of their formulations.  So, if you are beginning with an HP Formula, or if continued drainage is required after using a lower potency, it is best accomplished through the use of liquid herbal extracts, either single herbals or herbal combinations.  (See specific products for recommendations.)

Why is this?

Energique’s HP formulas work, in part, by mobilizing your lymphatic system to clear away metabolic debris from the targeted areas.  However, these formulas don’t contain ingredients to facilitate that lymphatic drainage.  This can be accomplished with the use of a liquid herbal extract or combination.

For example, if you are taking Thyroid HP™, you can take the KelpCom™ along with it, to facilitate adequate drainage.  Since, in this example, you’re taking the KelpCom™ to facilitate draining the lymphatics stirred up by the Thyroid HP™, these two remedies should be taken together, as directed on the label.  For the KelpCom™, that is generally 10-30 drops, in a small amount of water, followed by the Thyroid HP™.

A traditionalist/purist would say that you should take the KelpCom™, in water, wait five minutes or so, then take the Thyroid HP™ under the tongue.  Practitioners (including Energique’s resident doctor) today are more accepting of the idea of putting the two remedies together in water, then drinking it as a kind of tea.

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