Intact Adrenal from Energique®


Energique’s Intact Adrenal is a raw adrenal tissue concentrate (not an extract) of bovine source.  Each capsule contains 80 mg of raw adrenal concentrate.

100 capsules bottle.

Energique’s raw tissue concentrates come from grass-fed cattle, raised organically (although not certified organic, which is a whole other issue), and are processed using a method called lyophilization.  During the process of lyophilization, a freeze-drying technique, the raw tissue is concentrated in the first solute phase, never reaching the freezing point; however, the second phase (solvent) remains below freezing during the entire process.  As a result of using low temperatures, there is less molecular movement and, therefore, a minimum amount of loss.

Raw tissue concentrates are used mainly for their rich nutrient content.  Lyophilization is a concentrating process, not an extraction method.  It is superior to an extraction process in that, in an extraction method, some of the desired nutrients are lost.



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