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Energique homeopathic remedies

Energique® homeopathic remedies:

Energique® is a provider of natural healthcare products, formulated to assist you in your striving toward a higher level of whole health and well-being.  They offer a complete line of natural remedies, used daily by healthcare professionals, in their practices clinics.

Natto - LP: Systemic enzyme complex with nattokinase

Allegany Nutrition: Premium digestive enzymes

Allegany Nutrition offers you the very finest broad spectrum digestive and systemic enzymes I've ever seen, in my more almost 30 years of searching for an adequate enzyme complex.  In fact, these enzymes are so good, they have redefined for me what "adequate" really means.  You've got to try these to believe them.

A growing body of research is demonstrating the importance of supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals.  Even leading medical journals have caught on to its importance.

Studies have shown that certain supplements can:

More than just vitamins and minerals

But, vitamins and minerals are only a small part of the supplement story.  Enzymes and probiotics, along with many other nutrients, also play vital roles in nutritional support, immune function and your body's natural renewal system.

However, not all nutritional supplements are alike.  While natural supplements are far superior to synthetic ones, even among so-called "natural" supplements, the quality and bio-availability between brands varies widely.  Some actually do more harm than good.

Because quality counts,™ offers you only a select few brands.  These are nutritional supplements that have played a major role in helping me to overcome more than 30 years of severe disability and to start my own business.  Because everyone is different, however, I can't make any guarantees that these products will work for you; but they have been proven in my life.™ also features products from these companies:

Garden of Life:

Niwali Advanced Test-O-Boost Niwali's Advanced Test-O-Boost is a natural herbal supplement that boosts testosterone levels, with scientifically-proven ingredients.

High T levels are scientifically proven to reduce body fat and boost sex drive, as well as provide a number of other benefits.

Primal Defense: superior probiotic action from Garden of Life

Primal Defense® is something of the flag-ship product in Garden of Life's exceptional line of dietary supplements.  It is a powerful blend of 12 species of probiotic and homeostatic soil organisms.  Produced with the patented Poten-Zyme™ process, Primal Defense® brings you truly exceptional probiotic support in a whole-food matrix.

Primal Defense® is only one of several high-quality products from Garden of Life.  Together, they will change your paradigm of what nutritional supplements are meant to be.



Atrium Glandulars:

Atrium glandulars

Although recognized as an important food source by many nutritionists, glandular and organ meats are not part of the typical diet.  Atrium offers you a convenient way to add the benefits of these important meats to your diet, and support your body systems.

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I'm honored to offer you these fine supplements.  I truly believe that they have the potential to change your life.  Try them, and see the difference they will make in you.




What customers are saying

Note: This is a new feature to this website, so, while I've had a number of similar emails from customers over the years, this is the only one I have to share right now.




"I have ordered vitamins and supplements from various websites throughout the years, but none of them compare with yours.  I appreciate your informative website and very reasonable prices.  But, what really impressed me was opening my email to find, not only was my order processed so promptly, but that notification was accompanied by an email offering assistance, if I had question or concerns.

"Your customer service is second to none, and you have just guarenteed not only a return customer, but one that will refer friends and family.

"I am quitting smoking soon and plan to use the Acetylcholine Chloride Phenolic, along with the Dopamine phenolic.  I will let you know how it goes, and would love any additional suggestions to try during the process.  If all goes well, I will be referring the smokers I know, most of which are intrigued.

"Kind regards,


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